Storage Fail over

An HA pair is two storage systems (nodes) whose controllers are connected to each other directly. In this configuration, one node can take over its partner’s storage to provide continued data service if the partner goes down.
You can configure the HA pair so that each node in the pair shares access to a common set of storage, subnets, and tape drives, or each node can own its own distinct set of storage.
The controllers are connected to each other through an HA interconnect. This allows one node to serve data that resides on the disks of its failed partner node. Each node continually monitors its partner, mirroring the data for each other’s nonvolatile memory (NVRAM or NVMEM). The interconnect is internal and requires no external cabling if both controllers are in the same chassis.
Takeover is the process in which a node takes over the storage of its partner. Giveback is the process in which that storage is returned to the partner. Both processes can be initiated manually or configured for automatic initiation.
HA would manage by either System Manager or CLI.
Managing HA using GUI and CLI.
1. To check the HA status.
2. Cluster and HA status using CLI.


3. List the storage  fail over status.

4. Due to maintenance activity like any tech refresh, any will take care of another partner node.

5. LIF’s will then migrate to the active node.

6. Take over in progress.

7. Take over is successfully completed.

8. Run the cluster show command to list the node status.

9. Check the LIF status.

10. Now you run give back.



11. Now give back is done.


12. Now you list the node status.

Now check the interconnect also.

Both are up and working fine.




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