Generation of NetApp

Last week I had to install some NetApp systems and migrate data to it.
The first NetApp was a FAS2650 Installation was going smooth and after 2 hours, the system was fully up and running.
I had to migrate all the data from a FAS 2040, so reconfigure the system and prepare for migration was the last to do that day.
Looking at the next day, I had to replace a FAS 2240-2 with a FAS2552.
Hmmm, really a week of now you see them, now you don’t.
Mostly I work with the larger system, but it’s nice to see that even the smaller system work the same, do the same and are fully compatible.
So my second day was replace the FAS 2240. At the end of the day everything was prepared for migration.

My third day was the migration day.
With the 7MTT tool, it’s a piece of cake to migrate CIFS and luns to a new system.

All the VMware data was already moved by vMotion,
I did the cut-over and it just works, out of the box.
7MTT does was it promise, without a real outage or downtime.

On the fourth day,  I had to configure SnapVaults, so all the data was secure on another system.
Starting with install of a FAS2240-4, setup the peer connections and configure the relations.
At the end of the day, all systems were deliver their data to the FAS2240-4.
Last day on Friday, I was documenting the systems with NetApp docs.
This is nice, and it gives you all the information you need in a few minutes.
Then the customer asked me to reinstall the FAS2040, and another old system for fun and testing.
That was a FAS2020 system. So ending the week with the complete 2000 series.
And they all work, are installing without problem and perform like a beast.





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