What is FlexPod

FlexPod is a converged compute, networking, and storage solution developed by Cisco and NetApp. Its solution configurations and workloads are published as Cisco Validated Designs. FlexPod is categorized in 3 solutions.

FlexPod Datacenter is used for customers that have more than 4 servers.
It can be based on rack servers or blades and can be extended to 20 chassis(160 servers)
FlexPod Express is mostly based on the C-series rack servers, can be extended to 20 servers and can be upgraded to a FlexPod Datacenter.
FlexPod Select is a specialized solution for example Hadoop or other Big Data requests.

Cisco UCS servers are one of the fastest growing solutions for computing.
Based on blades (B-series) or rack mounted servers (C-series) they deliver the best performance and most flexibility in your datacenter.
Management of the servers can be a stand-alone or centrally managed solution(Fabric Interconnects)
In every FlexPod solution the Nexus switches are used for networking.
The 3000 series is available for the FlexPod Express, the other FlexPod configuration use Nexus 5000 or higher.

Last part is the NetApp storage.Starting with the FAS2000(FlexPod Express) and FAS3200/6200/8000 series (FlexPod Datacenter) a complete line of storage systems is available for the solution that is needed.

 This video explains the FlexPod Architecture.