Enabling Active Directory domain users to access the cluster

To enable Active Directory domain users to access the cluster, you must set up an authentication tunnel through a CIFS-enabled Vserver. You must also create cluster user accounts for the domain users. This functionality requires that CIFS is licensed on the cluster.
1. CIFS license is required.
2. Configure the cifs server for an existing vserver.
1. First create a security domain tunnel.

2. Create a cluster user, to access via ssh, http and ontapi.

3. Login with the new user, now authentication is done by the domain server.

4. Now create a role, to access the vserver vs1 only the paritcular volume called vol1.

5. Create a new user with using this role.

6. Login with the new user and now you see, you can access only volume command directory.

7. If you try with access the vol2 then it through an error.

8. If you login as a admin role user, you can access all the command directory.



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